Why I’ll always choose WordPress over Squarespace

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If you’re about to make your own website for the first time, or maybe you’re considering switching from one platform to another, you’ve probably Googled WordPress vs Squarespace.

You’re not alone – there are thousands of monthly searches to compare the two platforms, and an awful lot of mixed opinions.

Here’s why I’ll always choose WordPress:

  1. WordPress is free, with endless layouts/themes to choose from, which you can then add to with plugins. If you have a WordPress question, you’ll always find the answer with a quick Google.
  1. You pay separately (to a host like Dreamhost) for hosting. I know, I know, you’re wondering how paying anything makes it better.  All good webhosts will offer multiple levels of hosting, and your needs when you first start out with your website will differ greatly from when your website grows and holds much more content, and accommodates many more visitors.  You want to be able to scale up your hosting in line with your business; paying separately for your hosting allows you to do this.
  1. No matter the size of your site, WordPress can handle it (see point 2 – you simply upgrade your hosting.) WordPress is used by The New Yorker, Sony Music, MTV News, Beyoncé and so many more.
  1. It’s incredibly user friendly. I see so many people advising against WordPress because it’s not drag and drop – IT IS drag and drop if you pick the right theme, but drag and drop should not be what you base your website choice solely on!  WordPress can be expanded with plugins to create just about anything you can imagine, from booking and event plugins to estate agents and more.
  1. Community + support is huge. As I mentioned in point 1, any question you can imagine can be found with a quick Google – but most themes have support forums, or Facebook Groups, with thousands of people who have asked similar if not the same as you.  There is always information available at your fingertips, and quickly, too.
  1. Responsive design – pick the right theme and your website will work beautifully across any device. Mobile use is increasing and even Google are favouring mobile friendly sites, so a responsive design is something you simply cannot overlook with your website design.
  1. Full control over your site with access to every single file and the ability to back up and restore identically, site for site – with Squarespace you are effectively renting your site, with WordPress, you own all your own files AND crucially you can create a backup that when restored will be an identical replica of your site – with Squarespace you can only back up content, not your styling/design. This brings me on to my next point.
  1. You own your site in its entirety with WordPress. If Squarespace goes down – your site goes down.  Last week saw one of the biggest cyber-attacks on some of the most popular sites on the web like Netflix, Twitter, Spotify etc (see my previous point about backups). In addition to this point – remember the good old days when Facebook was ad free, and suddenly they decided to switch to ads, riddling your news feed with them?  Squarespace can decide to that at any time if they choose, meaning your site would have ads too.
  1. Great SEO – you have full control over your SEO with WordPress on every aspect of your site with the ability to specify different keywords on each post/page.
  1. Endless customisation – in point 4 I mentioned you can create any kind of site – and it’s true. The customisation possibilities are endless.  Just hop on over to the WordPress showcase to take a look at some awesome WordPress websites.

Like most things, once you know how, anything is easy.  I’m not saying WordPress is the best platform, I’m saying it’s the best for me, (and I know it can be the best platform for you too…).

My WordPress set up is quick and painless, I use a theme I know is only going to get better and better, and I have a list of plugins I wouldn’t be without.

But of course, making a website isn’t just about a pretty theme and a great platform.  Like all parts of your business, you need a plan, and the same goes for your website!  Careful planning and preparation will take away a lot of the headache from making your website (take it from someone who has learnt the hard way!).

If you’re about to make your own website, or update an existing one, check out my free eCourse Plan Your Own Website, where I’ll show you how to pull together all the ingredients you need to plan a kick-ass website that represents you and your brand.

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