Plan Your Own Website: All the ingredients you need to plan a kick-ass website that represents you and your brand

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I’m very excited today to tell you about my free eCourse, Plan Your Own Website.

If you’ve been putting off making your own website because you don’t know where to begin, or if you have an existing website that’s in need of some love – my free eCourse is perfect for you – because like all good things, you need to start with a plan.

I know how overwhelming it can be when you sit down to think about your website. About pages, images, copy, social links – where to start? Working with a web designer can be expensive – especially if you aren’t 100% sure what you want them to make for you.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be a big black cloud above your head, and that you can totally have a website that represents you and your brand – from a plan you put together?

In my free video course, I’ll walk you through the stages of planning your site step by step so you have the exact ingredients and information you need to make your website – whether you want to make your own website or hand everything over to a web designer.

Let’s dive in to what’s covered in the course.

Module 1 – Research

In Module 1 we get down into the real nitty gritty of you and your business.  Starting with you and what’s driving you to do this business in the first place.  Why?  Because we want that to shine through when customers and clients visit your website.

You know that feeling when you visit a website and you read through the home page, click around the site, and with each new click you’re like “yes, yes, this is me”, or “yes, yes, I need this”?

Well that’s because of a few things; awesome copy and because the business has figured out their why.  So in Lesson 1, we look at you and your why; what’s driving you and what are you passionate about?

Then we move on to talk about your niche.  It’s all well and good having a product or service to sell, but how do you actually find out if people want it?

I’ll show you how to research your customers, think about their needs and wants, and analyse your competitors.

To round off the module, we take a look into your brand, covering all the aspects that make up a brand and why they are important for your website.

Module 2 – Customer Journey

This next module is all about something that I see is so often overlooked when I visit websites.

Ever visited a website that’s been so damn hard to navigate around, you can’t figure out what they’re selling you, and when you do figure it out, you can’t find anywhere to actually buy it?

That’s because the website owner hasn’t thought about the customer journey. andl that’s exactly what this module will you help you avoid.  We’ll get crystal clear on your product/service, before exploring your customers’ journey through your website.

Then we’ll have a look at different ways we can add value along your customer’s journey before they make a purchase.

I round off the module by showing you how to draw out your own sitemap – the first stage in seeing your site come together!

Module 3 – Gather

Consistent branding is so often overlooked when it comes to websites, so in Module 3 we’ll pull together all the visuals needed for you to create a cohesive site.

First we’ll look at your visual identity, and ensure you have honed in on your brand colours, so that we can carry this colour palette across to your website.

Next we look at logos if you don’t have one already, before moving onto web ready images for your site.

I’ve got all the tips and advice for you to collate everything together and have it all ready to go when it comes to making your own website.

Module 4 – Content + Design

Module 4 is the fun part – where it all starts to come together.

We begin by looking at your copy, tying it back to module 1 when we established your why.

Writing good copy takes time and practice, but there are a few strategies you can apply to your copy writing from the get go and so that’s what we focus on in lesson 1.

Then we look at your above the fold content before moving on to the final (and most fun!) part – your wireframe.

This is where we sketch out your website so you can start to see what the finished site will look like.

I’ve even included a checklist because we cover so many points and I don’t want you to miss out on a single thing!

The course is jam packed full of tips and tricks, with a workbook for you to scribble on and jot down your ideas as you go.

By the time you’ve finished you’ll have everything you need to make the most awesome website, one that you can really be proud of.

So what are you waiting for?  Click here to sign up to my free eCourse, Plan Your Own Website.


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