5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Kick-Ass Website

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A few years back, the thought of making a website filled me with fear.  The thought of making, updating and maintaining customers websites filled me with even more fear.  I spent countless hours researching, watching videos, talking with web developers and designers in online communities. And it did get easier…but boy, did I spend a lot of time pulling at my hair, stressing, fretting and diving deeper and deeper into the internet wilderness through article after article of research. So I’m here today to save you the time, the hair pulling and the stressing…I’ve rounded up my best resources for … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Website

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Website

If I had a penny for every time someone asks, “which theme should I use for my WordPress website?”  I’d be reasonably rich by now, it’s safe to say. You might already know that I’m Team WordPress and you can find my reasons here. And chances are, if you’ve landed here it’s because you’ve already picked your domain and hosting (or check out web hosting 101 if you haven’t). So the next pain point on your list will probably be which theme to choose.  I know.  I’ve been there.  There are hundreds of themes.  And hundreds of equally naff posts … Read More

Make Your Own Website: How to make your own WordPress website like a boss

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Make your own WordPress website

It’s finally here! I am so so excited to share my eCourse with you, Make Your Own Website. I have seen so many DIY websites courses out there that leave you with a shell of a website, or get you half way, or leave you with a website that you’ve no idea how to update or maintain. I understand how long it takes to research all the ingredients you need to make your website.  Trust me when I say, we’ve all been there: scouring the web for hours on end trying to find out how to fix the alignment of … Read More

Web Hosting 101: A beginner’s guide to hosting your WordPress website.

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Last week I wrote about why I’ll always choose WordPress over Squarespace.  One of the biggest reasons I see people choose Squarespace is because of their confusion over the many hosting options available. Like all things, anything is easy once you know how, so I want to tackle a few of the questions around hosting to blast away that cloud of confusion, give some digestible definitions for the crazy terminology, and bust any myths about insane, over the top pricing plans. Think of web hosting as the house for your website. Your host’s server stores all the pieces that make … Read More

Why I’ll always choose WordPress over Squarespace

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If you’re about to make your own website for the first time, or maybe you’re considering switching from one platform to another, you’ve probably Googled WordPress vs Squarespace. You’re not alone – there are thousands of monthly searches to compare the two platforms, and an awful lot of mixed opinions. Here’s why I’ll always choose WordPress: Like most things, once you know how, anything is easy.  I’m not saying WordPress is the best platform, I’m saying it’s the best for me, (and I know it can be the best platform for you too…). My WordPress set up is quick and … Read More

Plan Your Own Website: All the ingredients you need to plan a kick-ass website that represents you and your brand

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I’m very excited today to tell you about my free eCourse, Plan Your Own Website. If you’ve been putting off making your own website because you don’t know where to begin, or if you have an existing website that’s in need of some love – my free eCourse is perfect for you – because like all good things, you need to start with a plan. I know how overwhelming it can be when you sit down to think about your website. About pages, images, copy, social links – where to start? Working with a web designer can be expensive – … Read More

Two simple tools that streamlined our business workflow

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Separately to Hurricane Jane Creative, and various other projects that occupy our time, my husband and I run two IT businesses. As with all businesses, things move fast; with appointments changing, customer details needing to be saved, financial records and so on – we both need constant access to the same information and diaries at the same time, wherever we are, without having to be on the phone to each other every two minutes to share that information. Enter stage left:  Dropbox & Google Calendar. You’ve probably heard of one, if not both of these – you’ll have most certainly … Read More

10 challenges you face when making a website

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Whether you’re about to embark on your first website, or whether you need to update and revamp and existing one, making a website can be a daunting task. Here’s a breakdown of the most common daunting aspects of making your own website: You’ll quickly realise that quotes under £500/$600 don’t get you much for your money – the sales pitch that goes with the quote might be great, but you need to really look at what the web designer will be handing over to you. If you’re a service based website expect to pay a minimum of £1000/$1200 for around … Read More

Going digital with your taxes and why it will save you a serious headache

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The T word.  It’s enough to make any business owner recoil, especially if you’re a creative, and numbers are not your thing. If you’re anything like me, you want someone to do it all for you – to work out your monthly profit, talk to your bank, send your invoices…send thank you emails…the whole shebang. Well I’ve found my knight in shining armour, and it’s arrived in the shape of digital accounting software, Freeagent. Here are five of my favourite features: FreeAgent automatically calculates your Self-Assessment liability as your work on a day to day basis.  When it’s time to … Read More

12 reasons why your website matters

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First impressions count. We hear “don’t judge a book by its’ cover” all the time, but it’s human nature – we all do it.  These days, everything is online, and with more and more smart phone users, everyone wants everything at their fingertips, so if you don’t have a great looking website, your potential customers will move on to the next one. Here’s why your website is important: Having a website makes you seem more trust worthy to potential customers.  It’s also a good home for any testimonials you’ve gathered, to inform any potential customers why working with you will … Read More