Web Hosting 101: A beginner’s guide to hosting your WordPress website.

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Last week I wrote about why I’ll always choose WordPress over Squarespace.  One of the biggest reasons I see people choose Squarespace is because of their confusion over the many hosting options available. Like all things, anything is easy once you know how, so I want to tackle a few of the questions around hosting to blast away that cloud of confusion, give some digestible definitions for the crazy terminology, and bust any myths about insane, over the top pricing plans. Think of web hosting as the house for your website. Your host’s server stores all the pieces that make … Read More

Making mistakes & not being afraid to fail

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Running your own business can be scary.  I mean, lost in the woods, don’t go out there alone, horror film kind of scary.  And often as creative entrepreneurs we feel a lot of pressure to get things right.  Maybe it’s because we’re supporting our family, trying to pay bills, or trying to prove all those people wrong who said “that business will never work”. Michelle Obama said “Failure is an important part of success”.  So why do we feel like the worst kind of failure when things don’t go right? At some point in our lives, we all learnt that … Read More