The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Website

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Website

If I had a penny for every time someone asks, “which theme should I use for my WordPress website?”  I’d be reasonably rich by now, it’s safe to say. You might already know that I’m Team WordPress and you can find my reasons here. And chances are, if you’ve landed here it’s because you’ve already picked your domain and hosting (or check out web hosting 101 if you haven’t). So the next pain point on your list will probably be which theme to choose.  I know.  I’ve been there.  There are hundreds of themes.  And hundreds of equally naff posts … Read More

Make Your Own Website: How to make your own WordPress website like a boss

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Make your own WordPress website

It’s finally here! I am so so excited to share my eCourse with you, Make Your Own Website. I have seen so many DIY websites courses out there that leave you with a shell of a website, or get you half way, or leave you with a website that you’ve no idea how to update or maintain. I understand how long it takes to research all the ingredients you need to make your website.  Trust me when I say, we’ve all been there: scouring the web for hours on end trying to find out how to fix the alignment of … Read More

Web Hosting 101: A beginner’s guide to hosting your WordPress website.

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Last week I wrote about why I’ll always choose WordPress over Squarespace.  One of the biggest reasons I see people choose Squarespace is because of their confusion over the many hosting options available. Like all things, anything is easy once you know how, so I want to tackle a few of the questions around hosting to blast away that cloud of confusion, give some digestible definitions for the crazy terminology, and bust any myths about insane, over the top pricing plans. Think of web hosting as the house for your website. Your host’s server stores all the pieces that make … Read More

Why I’ll always choose WordPress over Squarespace

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If you’re about to make your own website for the first time, or maybe you’re considering switching from one platform to another, you’ve probably Googled WordPress vs Squarespace. You’re not alone – there are thousands of monthly searches to compare the two platforms, and an awful lot of mixed opinions. Here’s why I’ll always choose WordPress: Like most things, once you know how, anything is easy.  I’m not saying WordPress is the best platform, I’m saying it’s the best for me, (and I know it can be the best platform for you too…). My WordPress set up is quick and … Read More

Making mistakes & not being afraid to fail

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Running your own business can be scary.  I mean, lost in the woods, don’t go out there alone, horror film kind of scary.  And often as creative entrepreneurs we feel a lot of pressure to get things right.  Maybe it’s because we’re supporting our family, trying to pay bills, or trying to prove all those people wrong who said “that business will never work”. Michelle Obama said “Failure is an important part of success”.  So why do we feel like the worst kind of failure when things don’t go right? At some point in our lives, we all learnt that … Read More

The F word: Using fonts for your creative projects

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What the font?  What even is a font anyway, and what’s a typeface? “In typography, a typeface (also known as font family) is a set of one or more fonts each composed of glyphs that share common design features. Each font of a typeface has a specific weight, style, condensation, width, slant, italicization, ornamentation, and designer or foundry (and formerly size, in metal fonts).” Thanks, Wikipedia.  Most people use the terms font and typeface interchangeably…and I’ll be using the term font for this article. Understanding font licences As with stock photos and stock images, use of fonts is subject to … Read More

The best free online graphic design tools for making social media graphics

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Let’s face it, we’re either not all pro graphic designers, don’t have the patience to learn how to use Illustrator, or don’t have the dough to pay for Adobe Creative Cloud.  Or maybe all three.  But consistent branding doesn’t have to be a distant dream – there are a handful of great online graphic design tools out there that will help you to achieve beautiful, cohesive social media graphics, as well as graphics for your emails, blog and website too. Here’s a quick round up of 7 of the best free online graphic design tools available.  Desygner Desygner allows you … Read More

13 websites for beautiful (and free) stock photos

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I strongly believe that running your own business is all about working smarter.  Searching for beautiful stock photos can be really time consuming and expensive. I’m an advocate for paying ALL creatives for their products and services, but there are some wonderful people out there uploading their stock photos to websites for distribution, and for free. We love you, you wonderful people. So we’ve all been there…sometimes you get an idea for a topic and you’re really fired up to write about it, you perfect your message and you’re ready to publish your blog post, your Facebook post or your … Read More