5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Kick-Ass Website

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A few years back, the thought of making a website filled me with fear.  The thought of making, updating and maintaining customers websites filled me with even more fear.  I spent countless hours researching, watching videos, talking with web developers and designers in online communities.

And it did get easier…but boy, did I spend a lot of time pulling at my hair, stressing, fretting and diving deeper and deeper into the internet wilderness through article after article of research.

So I’m here today to save you the time, the hair pulling and the stressing…I’ve rounded up my best resources for making your own website.

Whether you’re about to make your very first website, revamp an existing one that you’re just not that in love with, or you’re an Etsy seller and you want to move your shop to your own site (no fees?  Yes please!) then this list is for you!

1. WordPress or Squarespace

It’s like the Alien VS Predator of the internet world (too nerdy?), and one question you will hear over and over again in Facebook group, online communities and blog comments.  I break down why I ALWAYS choose WordPress here.

2. Understand hosting

What the fudge is web hosting, what makes a good web host GOOD, and what types of hosting even are there? (Yep there’s more than one!)  I’ve got your back – I cover all that and more here.

3. Plan, plan, plan

Ever visited a site that’s confusing, messy and overall just too icky to keep looking at?  It’s most likely been pulled together without any kind of plan.  If you want a quick-fire way to get rid of most of the stress from making your own website – it all comes down to a good plan.

4. Pick a theme

Choosing a WordPress theme can feel a little bit like you did as a kid (or now, if you’re me) walking into the old fashioned sweet store with ceiling to floor jars of beautiful, shiny sweets.  They all look amazing, but let’s face it, some taste like &*!@.  Here’s what you need to know about picking a good theme.

5. Make your own WordPress website like a boss

Want to wrap it all together in one easy to manage bundle?  Let me guide you through making your own website with step by step video modules, worksheets and checklists in Make Your Own Website.  If you want a website that:

– is completely customisable
– is mobile and device responsive
– will help you to build your email list
– is easy to update and maintain
– doesn’t give you a headache every time you want to change one thing
– doesn’t fill you with fear and overwhelm every time you log on
– is cohesive and consistent and represents you and your brand

Then Make Your Own Website is for you.  Watch the promo video and find out more here.

Absolutely loving the research stage?  Check out 12 reasons why your website matters and 10 challenges you face when making a website (particularly for the part about where to get free stock photos!)

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